sealsDoctor Blade Chamber End Seals from Advanced Supplies

Doctor Blade Chamber End Seals are an essential component for the effective and efficient running of Doctor Blade Chambers.

Advanced Supplies offer a complete range of high performance Chamber End Seals to suit all presses and OEM chambers.

Our made-to-measure seals, precision cut from high spec’ materials, are designed to outlast the competition and deliver outstanding performance.

Benefits of a correctly fitting seal

  • Significantly fewer Blade and Seal changes during print runs
  • Less ink leakage and dripping greatly reducing clean-up times and waste
  • Reduced print pressures & therefore reduced wear on anilox rollers & doctor blades
  • Less dripping and leakage means less ink or coating waste

A correctly fitting seal will:

  • Ensure a ‘leak free’ fit of the chamber to anilox
  • Avoid unnecessarily high pressure settings
  • Increase doctor blade service life
  • Increase anilox roll life span

Our End Seals are specifically manufactured to fit the chamber perfectly, without the need for overloading.

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