Sureprene – the Advanced Supplies Brand of Santoprene Tubing


Santoprene “long-life” tubing is Advanced Supplies first choice peristaltic pump tubing. Santoprene is a thermoplastic elastomer tubing designed to offer chemical resistance equivalent to Neoprene and is resistant to a wide range of solvents and chemicals as shown in the table below.

AcetaldehydeChloroacetic AcidLinseed OilPotassium Sa
Acetic AcidChronic AcidMagnesium SaltSilver Salt
Acetic AnhydrideChromium SaltsMaleic AcidSoap Solution
AcrylonitrileCopper SaltsManganese SaltsSodium Salts
Aluminium ChlorideEthylene GlycolMercury SaltsSodium Hydro
Aluminium SulphateFerric SaltsMethanolSodium Hypochlorite
AmmoniaFluoborate SaltsNatural GasStearic Acid
Ammonium SaltsFluoboric AcidNickel SaltsSulphur Dioxid
Ammonium HydroxideFluosilicic AcidNitric Acid - 10%Sulphuric Acid
Amyl AcetateFormaldehydeNitroethaneSulphurous Ac
Antimony SaltsFormamideNitrogen OxidesTannic Acid
Arsenic SaltsFormic AcidNitrous AcidTanning Extra
Barium SaltsGlucoseOils. animalTrisodium Phosphate
Benzoic AcidGlycerinsOils. mineralUrea
Bleaching LiquorHydrochloric AcidOils. vegetableUric Acid
Boric AcidHydrocyanic AcidOxalic AcidWater
BromineHydrogen PeroxideOxygenWater (Brine)
Butyric AcidHydrogen SulphidePhosphoric AcidWater (Steam
Calcium Saltsodine & SolutionsPhthalic AcidZinc Salts
Carbon DioxideLactic AcidPhosphoric Acid
Chlorine (wet/dry)Lead SaltsPlating Solutions

1.    Colour / Transparancy: Beige / opaque
2.    Spallation: Fair
3.    Certification: FDA regulations 21CFR 177.2600 for contact with aqueous food
4.    Sterilisation Methods: Gamma, Autoclave, EtO, CIP, SIP
5.    Operating Temperature Range: 5°C to 80°C
6.    Hardness: 64 Shore A and 73 Shore A
7.    Specific Gravity: 64 shore: 0.97; 73 shore: 0.96; 87 shore: 0.95
8.    Elongation at Break, %: 64 Shore: 367; 73 Shore: 525
9.    UV Resistance: Excellent
10.   Gas Permeability Rating: Fair
11.   Water Absorption: Low
12.   Available from us in 2 different standard bore sizes: 9.6mm & 12.7mm (others on request)


You can download more information about peristaltic pump tubing here.

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