hd-851The Unilux HD-851. Complete coverage on high-speed lines.


A high power surface inspection light, the HD-851 is designed for use on continuous high-speed production lines. The design of this powerful industrial inspection strobe gives specific emphasis on reducing equipment maintenance. It can operate from a range of controllers or external triggering signals e.g. video, pulse or current.

Light Intensity

  • The user can synchronise multiple units to give maximum coverage.
  • The unit outputs light measured at 3200 LUX at 1250mm (a distance of four feet).
  • Full strip illumination.
  • Projects an even and highly intense beam.

Product Versatility

  • Offers line speed synchronisation and adjustable light intensity.
  • The snap-in lamp unit needs no tools when adding.
  • Features motorised focus adjustment to accurately fit strip width.
  • Multiple units can be synced using interconnecting cables.
  • Includes an option for proportional line speed.
  • The HD-851 has a rotary encoder for automatic web synchronisation.
  • Standard remote controls for power, intensity, flash rate and internal / external triggering functionality.
  • Deluxe remote controls facilitate all of the  functions and automatic tracking with pre-set storage.
  • Features a press-to-test switch for system checking.

Build Quality

  • Another heavy duty and durable Unilux construction.

The Unilux HD-851 can be used for:

  • Surface inspection of metals on hot and cold mills and continuous process lines.
  • Broad web inspection of print quality.
  • Converting analysis including wide web inspection on coaters and laminators, and cut quality on slitters/rewinders.

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