led-1000-2500This Unilux range grants powerful analysis across the entire width of the web.


The Unilux LED-1000, LED-1500, LED-2000 and LED-2500 strobes are the ideal solution for for wide width inspection. A metre away from the target, these lights will illuminate from 1.4 metres to 2.9 metres, showing you the entire web simultaneously. For yet broader widths, the user can connect multiple units together. Spotting even the smallest defects quickly is easy, owing to the units’ extremely bright LED bulbs, in turn making outmoded xenon lights defunct and reducing energy consumption and maintenance.


Light Intensity

  • In ultra-violet applications, light output is 638uW/cm2 at 600mm (24inches) from the target. This ensures coverage of web widths from 1650mm (65inches) to 3600 mm (142 inches).
  • Ultra-bright, highly concentrated and uniform illumination.
  • Features a softer light beam for dealing with very reflective surfaces.

Product Versatility

  • Units are available as flood and UV models.
  • Feature an adjustable flash rate with a duration that synchronises with your line or machine.
  • Include remote operation & trigger inputs for immediate synchronisation.
  • These units accept a wide range of external synchronisation signals.
  • Featuring the facility to daisy-chain multiple units for extra-wide line widths.
  • All feature rotary encoders for greater inspection precision.
  • As with most Unilux products, these units feature constant-on for work light.

Build Quality

  • The use of long-life LEDs ensure these wide web strobe lights operate virtually maintenance free.
  • Constructed from high-quality and durable materials, as you’d expect from Unilux.
  • Energy consumption is reduced considerably.
  • Designed to be slim units, giving easy installation and additional mounting options.

The Unilux LED-1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 can be used for:

  • A range of printing inspection applications including package printing and rewinding.
  • Converting  including lamination and coating, slitting, rewinding, and metalising.
  • Working with metals e.g galvanising lines, aluminium inspection, coating and paint lines, electric steel, blanking lines and bridle rolls.
  • Working with paper;  speciality paper and calendar inspection, slitting and rewinding.
  • Ultraviolet inspection, for instance, financial documents, bank card foils, currency, ballots, passports, lottery tickets, prescription pads, anti-tampering devices and UV coatings.

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