Locate the tiniest defects ON WEBS UP TO 400 MM WIDEled-250


The LED-250 is an ideal mix of technology, design and cutting edge features, making stroboscopic surface and print inspection yet more effective. The strobe is the perfect replacement for xenon lights, doing away with ozone and bulb replacement, meaning less energy usage and maintenance costs. At a distance of one metre (39 inches) from the target, the Unilux LED-250 spans an area of 400 x 300 mm (16 x 12 inches), whilst generating 1070 LUX of light output.

Light Intensity

  • A bright, highly concentrated and uniform illumination.
  • Reduced glare on reflective surfaces.
  • Distibutes light more evenly.

Product Versatility

  • Uses an adjustable flash rate and the duration syncs perfectly with your line or machine.
  • Features remote operation and trigger inputs to ensure instant synchronization.
  • The LED-250 can handle many types of external synchronization signals.
  • There is an option to interconnect multiple units, for extra flexibility.
  • Uses a rotary encoder for increased precision.
  • Features a constant-on for work light.

Build Quality

  • Features long-life LEDs to make the product practically maintenance free.
  • Built with tough, high quality components and materials.
  • Designed to consume less energy.
  • The slim profile makes it easy to install whilst offering extra mounting options.

The Unilux LED-250 can be used for:

  • The accurate inspection of print quality and print-to-die registration.
  • Analysis of cut quality on the slitter/rewinder when converting.
  • Ideal for coating and laminating applications, including surface inspection of adhesive and coating coverage.
  • The inspection of surface on galvanising lines as well as tin plate.

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