The all new LOL-Style-IV combines the benefits of six different LOL-Style-III models into one.

We doubled the power output making it 50% brighter than any other unit in its class. Not only does it provide the brightest light, it also provides the most even illumination of your entire web up to 1.2 meters wide, without hotspots, for fine detailed inspection.

With the enhanced features and hands-free auto tracking, there is no other light that comes close to its performance.

  • Full web, 100% inspection
  • Immediate knowledge of problems
  • Significant waste reduction
  • Automatic line tracking

New Features

  • Double the output – 2400 lux
  • X2 ÷ 2 Harmonic buttons
  • LED readout in mm or inches
  • Super fine digital rate control
  • Air cooled lamp for longer life
  • Each unit is remote ready

The Lith-O-Light 20 IV Advantages

  • Installs anywhere
  • Interconnect up to 5 units
  • Auto line speed tracking
  • Self contained design
  • Operates on universal voltages 90-250VAC


  • PRINTING: Printing, slitting. rewinding, embossing
  • CONVERTING: UV printing and coating inspection, laminating
  • METALS: Galvanizing, bridle rolls, paint lines. aluminum foil
  • FILM: Printing, coating, metalizing

Flash Duration

  • 10 microseconds


  • Pulse source: +2.5V PK min, zero based pulse, 100 µsec min.
  • Pulse width, 10K ohm input impedance Current sink: 12VDC at 1.2mA

Light Output

  • 1830 Lux at 0.3 meters (at 0.3m, 100% intensity)

Energy Output

  • 1.8 Joules/flash @ 2400 F/M
  • 1.3 Joules/flash @ 3600 F/M
  • 0.75 Joules/flash @ 6000 F/M

Trigger Supply

  • 12VDC, current limited at 100mA available at the “TR” connector

Size & Weight

  • 15cm x 16cm x 51cm, 6.4kg (without yoke)


  • Continuous operating temperature range 0°C to 40°C
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing

Intensity Levels

  • 35%, 50%, 75% and 100% (with Micro Remote)

Power Input

  • Any voltage from 90 to 250VAC, 50/60 Hz 400VA Max

Trigger Output

  • Open collector for driving second unit

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