led-12_1712458623The Unilux LED-12. More accurate inspection from further away.


With twice the light output, the LED-12 can project light much further than many strobes as well as offering environmental and low maintenance benefits. The LED-12 also comes in fixed and portable mount models with UV and flood options.


Light Intensity

  • Flood: 1430 LUX at 600 mm (24 inches) away from the object.
  • Spot: 3120 LUX at 600 mm (24 in) away from the object.
  • Brightest, most concentrated, uniform illumination.

Product Versatility

  • Availabe as a handheld or fixed mount model.
  • Options of either flood or UV.
  • The flash rate and duration are adjustable to sync with your line or machine.
  • Features a constant-on for work light.
  • Handheld model includes:
    • Lightweight construction, weighing only 0.8 kg (1.8 lbs).
    • Can be used for up to 1 hour continuously.
    • Fully chargeable in 4 hours.
  • Fixed Mount model includes:
    • A compact and lightweight construction.
    • Interconnect multiple units
    • Rotary encoder for greater precision

Build Quality

  • The product features long-life LEDs,  helpingmake the LED-12 virtually maintenance free.
  • Sturdy, quality construction; extremely durable.
  • Reduced energy consumption.

The LED-12 can be used for:

  • Printing and converting applications, including the inspection of print quality (for  flood and UV-visible inks), both print-to-die and die-to-die registration, slit edge checking and the quality of laminating and coating jobs.
  • Paper related applications including the inspection of spray nozzles, formation and transfer, troubleshooting machinery and diagnostic checks.
  • Metals related inspection jobs, including surface inspection on galvanising lines, inspection lines, recoil lines, tension levelling and tin.
  • Textile industry applications such as spinner analysis.
  • Plant and machinery maintenance including detecting slippage in belts and webs, high speed motion timing, vibration analysis, measuring motor speed and the maintenance of shafts, gears, pulleys and bearings.
  • Camera inspection applications.

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