led-3-productThe new Unilux LED-3 is lighter, brighter and more flexible – yet still just as affordable.


Twice as powerful and more compact than its predecessor, the LED-3 makes for a fantastic tool for narrow inspection. Easily ensure the quality of your print, registration and slit. Perfect for maintaining and troubleshooting your machinery issues, the LED3 is also available in spot, flood and UV options.

Light Intensity

  • Flood: 2660 LUX at 300 mm (12 inches) distance from the object.
  • Spot: 4990 LUX at 300 mm (12 inches) distance from the object.
  • UV: 715 uW/CM2 at 300 mm (12 inches) distance from the object.
  • Boasts an incredibly bright and uniform illumination.

Product Versatility

  • Comes in both handheld or fixed mount versions.
  • Available as flood, spot and UV models.
  • Has a variable flash rate and duration that syncs with your line or machine.
  • Features a constant-on for work light.
  • Handheld features include:
    • Very light, weighing only 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs).
    • Can be used continuously for up to 4 hours.
    • Can be fully recharged completely in 4 hours.
  • Fixed Mount version features include:
    • Very compact and light.
    • Ability to interconnect multiple units.

Build Quality

  • We use long-life LEDs to ensure the LED-3 is virtually maintenance free.
  • Constructed from extremely durable and high quality materials.
  • More efficient power consumption.

The LED-3 can be used for:

  • Narrow web printing, specifically quality inspection, checking registration, speed measurement, machine vision, confirming form alignment and inspecting security print elements using UV-visible inks.
  • Narrow web converting, specifically the analysis of trimmed edge and perforation, inspecting the surface of standard and UV-visible adhesives and coatings, confirming the content and placement of labels and packaging plus the inspection of cold seal quality.
  • Maintaining the detection of slippage in belts & webs, high-speed motion timing, measurement of motor speed and the vital work of troubleshooting shafts, gears and pulleys.
  • Inspection tasks in textile mills and tin mills.

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