miti-liteThe Unilux Miti-Lite spots defects over a wide area


The Miti-Lite illuminates a larger area of any of the portable strobes currently on the market. This means that checking for surface quality, formation activity, coating defects, or identifying the origins of defects can be carried out anywhere along the line. The unit ensures spotting problems and fixing them is really easy as it is capable of lighting up an area of 760 mm square. The Unilux Miti-Lite also synchronises simply and quickly with any video camera to ensure a motion inspection tool that reduces maintenance costs and time by ninety percent.


Light Intensity and Features

  • Can illuminate a surface area of 760 mm by 760 mm.
  • Features three different intensity settings for extra control.
  • The unit’s flash ranges cover 6,000, 12,000 & 18,000 feet per second.
  • Includes phase control to facilitate camera synchronisation.
  • Battery replacement is quick and easy to reduce downtime.

Product Versatility

  • This compact unit can easily monitor the finer surface quality details.
  • Enables quick and accurate identification of defect origins.
  • Ability to monitor start-up procedures once shutdown has completed.
  • Portability means you can carry out inspection anywhere in paper and steel operations.
  • Use the unit to effectively monitor mechanical function performance.
  • Decrease diagnostic maintenance by ninety percent, reducing downtime and its associated costs.

Build Quality

  • The Miti-Lite is a tough, quality unit, ideally suited for the harsh environments of steel and paper mills.
  • Comes with a sling pouch you guarantee hands-free manoeuvrability anywhere.

The Unilux Miti-Lite can be used for:

  • The accurate surface inspection on metal galvanising lines, tin mills, TL and recoil lines.
  • Handling paper, specifically analysis of formation, transfer as well as drying and finishing processes.
  • In printing and converting applications,  inspect print quality, slit edge quality, laminating and coating quality to a high standard.

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