PrimeBlade 600


PrimeBlade 600

PrimeBlade® 600 series is a high quality, refined, carbon steel blade, and a further development of the 300 series. The 600 series doctor blade steel has a highly refined microstructure when compared to other premium carbon steel doctor blades. PrimeBlade® 600 series doctor blade has twice as many carbides/µm² compared to the already improved PrimeBlade® 300, and wears down into much finer particles leading to greatly reduced print issues and improved print quality.

More Information
Material Refined Carbon Steel
Manufacturer PrimeBlade

PrimeBlade® Type 600 advantages

  • High quality genuine Swedish steel
  • Increased print quality and blade lifetime
  • Highly improved microstructure releases much smaller particles into the inking system
  • Reduced risk of metal 'hair' formation and burring
  • Hardness in the same range of series 300 to reduce anilox and gravure cylinder wear
  • Better wear resistance
  • Thickness: 0.076mm to 0.38mm
  • Edge profiles: Round, bevel, lamella and hybrid
    Straightness: 1.4mm/3000mm
    Tensile strength: 2030N/mm2
    Elongation: 5%
    Hardness: 595HV