Primeblade NANO II


Primeblade NANO II

Innovation is key to development and growth. At PrimeBlade we take this to heart and proudly offer our world-class 900 Nano series products. The Nano series is a unique range of doctor blades with enhanced properties, produced using our patented Nano treatment. The process induces changes in the steel that provide reduced wear and thus longer lifetime, as well as improved surface quality. This is achieved in an environmentally friendly and safe process, free from the hazardous chemicals typically used for producing, e.g., coated blades.

More Information
Material Special Treated Refined Stainless Steel
Manufacturer PrimeBlade

PrimeBlade® Type 900 Nano II advantages

  • High quality genuine Swedish steel
  • Long life wear resistance
  • Perfect with abrasive inks, such as white inks etc.
  • Less adjustment of the doctor blade chamber
  • Because of the very small carbides, it breaks down into much smaller particles.
  • Anilox roll friction reduced by 40-60%
  • High print quality, gives a cleaner wipe
  • No ceramic particles involved
  • Less particles sticking to the blade
  • Thickness: 0.076 mm to 0.50mm
  • Edge profiles: Round, bevel, lamella and hybrid
  • Straightness: 1,0 mm/3000 mm
  • Hardness: 850 HV (top surface only)